Buy mounjaro online

Buy Mounjaro Online

Buy mounjaro online. It works differently than other type 2 diabetes medications by directly activating GIP and GLP-1 pathways to help regulate blood sugar.

GIP=glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide; GLP-1=glucagon-like peptide-1.

Mounjaro is the first and only approved treatment in a different class of medication for type 2 diabetes.

What is Mounjaro? | buy mounjaro online canada

Mounjaro is an injectable prescription medicine that is used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar (glucose) in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

It is not known if Mounjaro can be used in people who have had pancreatitis. Mounjaro is not for use in people with type 1 diabetes. It is not known if Mounjaro is safe and effective for use in children under 18 years of age.

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Serious allergic reactions. Stop using Mounjaro and get medical help right away if you have any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including: swelling of your face, lips, tongue or throat, problems breathing or swallowing, severe rash or itching, fainting or feeling dizzy, and very rapid heartbeat. 

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In studies with or without other diabetes medications, the percentage of people taking Mounjaro who reached an A1C of less than 7% ranged from 75% (5 mg) to 90% (10 mg). People had an average starting A1C of 7.9% to 8.6% across the 5-mg, 10-mg, and 15-mg doses. A 40-week study was conducted to see if Mounjaro 5-mg, 10-mg, and 15-mg plus a basal insulin worked better than basal insulin alone. 90% of people taking Mounjaro 10-mg plus basal insulin achieved an A1C of under 7%.

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Mounjaro can cause serious side effects, including:
Inflammation of your pancreas (pancreatitis). Stop using Mounjaro and call your health care provider right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area (abdomen) that will not go away, with or without vomiting. You may feel the pain from your abdomen to your back. Buy mounjaro online.


*Before using the Mounjaro Pen, read the accompanying Instructions for Use (IFU) or watch how to use the Mounjaro Pen. In a study of adults with type 2 diabetes for another medicine that uses the same single-dose pen as Mounjaro, 99% said that, after adequate training, the single-dose pen was easy to use. Instructions for Use for the Mounjaro single-dose pen differ from the Instructions for Use provided in the study.

Take Mounjaro once a week

Pick your day.

Use Mounjaro 1 time each week, at any time of the day.

But we know schedules can change. If you want to change the day of the week you take your dose, make sure there are at least 3 days (72 hours) between doses.

If you miss a dose of Mounjaro, take the missed dose as soon as possible within 4 days (96 hours) after the missed dose. If more than 4 days have passed, skip the missed dose and take your next dose on the regularly scheduled day. Do not take 2 doses of Mounjaro within 3 days of each other.

It may be helpful to set a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget which day is your Mounjaro day. If you set a reminder and decide to change your day, then don’t forget to update your reminder to your new day.

Mounjaro comes in a single-dose pen that requires no mixing.

There is no need to see or handle the needle.†

†Read the Instructions for Use included with your pen.

Follow these 4 steps to use your Mounjaro pen:


Choose your injection site. Your health care provider can help you choose the injection site that is best for you. You or another person can inject the medicine in your stomach, thighs, or the back of your upper arms. Another person should give you the injection in the back of your upper arm.

Pull off the base cap.

Place the base flat on your skin, then unlock.

Press and hold the button for up to 10 seconds. Listen for the first click. It means the injection has started. The second click means that the injection is complete.

These are not the complete instructions for using Mounjaro. Before starting Mounjaro, your health care provider should show you how to use the pen. Read the Instructions for Use included with your pen.

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Gallbladder problems. Gallbladder problems have happened in some people who use Mounjaro. Tell your health care provider right away if you get symptoms of gallbladder problems, which may include pain in your upper stomach (abdomen), fever, yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice), and clay-colored stools.

How to store your Mounjaro pens


Keep Mounjaro in the refrigerator

  • Make sure the temperature is between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C)
  • Store the pens in the original packaging to protect your pen from light
  • Do not freeze the Mounjaro pens
  • The pen has glass parts. Handle it carefully. If you drop the pen on a hard surface, do not use it. Use a new pen for your injection
  • Keep in mind, some refrigerators can be colder near the back than on the front/on the door
  • Always check your pen to ensure it’s not frozen before using it

Going on a trip?

Mounjaro can last unrefrigerated for up to 21 days. Just make sure the temperature does not get any higher than 86°F (30°C). Keep your pen in its original carton to protect your pen from light.

How to dispose of your used Mounjaro pens

It is important to dispose of your pens safely. To do this, put your pen in an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container right away after use. Do not throw away pens in household trash. If you don’t have an FDA-approved sharps container, use a household container. Make sure it is made of heavy-duty plastic with a puncture-resistant lid, and it is upright, stable, leak resistant, and properly labeled to warn of hazardous waste.

Keep the container out of the reach of children. Do not recycle your sharps container, follow your community guidelines for the right way to dispose of your sharps disposal container. 

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